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14 responses to “Verizon Updates LG Voyager Firmware”

  1. Max

    Will there be future updated for the verizon voyager. If so when will the next one be if you no?

  2. Matt

    For what its worth, this update does NOT allow the use of ESPN application on the external touch screen. Just like before, it says “Flip Open To Use”.

  3. Todd

    Will a brand new phone coming from verizon already have this update loaded, or will I need to go to the verizon store to take care of this when I get the phone?

  4. abcyesn is website you want to check out if you own a LG Voyager

  5. Cell Nut

    @ Todd.
    Call them.
    Go direct to the source. Verizon.
    I would find the product IDs etc from Verizon direct, then find one online. There was a shortage of LG Voyager Cell phones at retail stores. !From what I hear!!!

  6. Michelle

    is there anywhere i can download the software necessary to transfer ringtomes from my computer to my voyager?

  7. Steve


    Yes you can get the software just use BitPim. Remeber to setup BitPim for vx10000

  8. HateVoyager

    Is there an update where the phone locks after a certain amout of time. I have a nosy spouse who likes to go through my text messages.

  9. katie

    my phone batter is dieing quick. i charge it over night till battery is compleatly charged. when i take my phone off the charger an hour later my phone is dieing. is my phone broken? do i need another one?

  10. Jaron

    Hatevoyager, none of my business, but since you brought it up, why should you worry if your spouce sees your texts? If my man doesn’t let me see his phone, he’s hiding something. lol just a thought

  11. SHanice Ammons

    what is the battery life of this phone? and is the touch sceren fluent or does it
    freeze up?

  12. jen

    Battery life depends on how much you use the phone for aps vs talking–only lasts 1 day if i txt a lot, but will last through the day. the touch screen is great I think. Never has frozen on me.

  13. KOOL-AID