Verizon Documentation Reveals December 11th Firmware Fix for Droid / HTC Eris

Following up on the myriad of Motorola Droid issues this week, a recently leaked Technical Bulletin has surfaced that clearly spells out all of the major issues Droid owners have been complaining about since launch(speaker echo/audio problems and recent autofocus problems found on the camera) and what steps will be taken to address them, culminating in a large firmware update.

The update is scheduled for release on December 11th following Motorola’s own recent confirmation of such an update for the Droid’s camera issues this morning, which is a part of the same larger update.

The Droid Eris will also receive its oen update to address issues with the Sense UI as well as other general bugfixes.

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8 responses to “Verizon Documentation Reveals December 11th Firmware Fix for Droid / HTC Eris”

  1. William

    Does this update include a fix for Bluetooth voice dial?

  2. Nancy

    What about ltd. battery life ?

  3. August

    Battery life is great .get a taskiller app
    definetly needs camera update..

  4. Christopher Price

    I can confirm one of my Droids was bitten badly by the echo and lost audio issues… bad enough we had to have it replaced. The replacement still has those issues, but to a far lesser degree.

  5. jimmy

    The eris does have battery issues. The only fix is to return the eris to send a message to verizon.

  6. brandon

    good stuff motorola this typ of thing is how your company will come back from down under hopefully, quick fixes, and keeping customers happy

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