Verizon Centro Release and Pricing Details Surface

New details have surfaced regarding pricing and availability information for the Verizon Wireless variant of the hugely successful Palm Centro.

The device is now expected to be available on June 13th in all of its sales channels for $269.99 after new two year agreement before an additional $70 mail-in rebate, bringing the total to $199.99. It is expected to be available online with an additional $100 rebate when purchased with a combination voice and data plan, though this can change at anytime as employees have confirmed the elimination of the Advanced Device Credit on June 15th, leading to speculation that Verizon will undertake a price adjustment across its entire lineup.

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4 responses to “Verizon Centro Release and Pricing Details Surface”

  1. ryan

    is it just me or is VZW always overpriced on their phones???

  2. Sandra

    No kidding. Others offered for $99. Nothing like raising the price and offering to lower it IF you subscribe to the expensive data plans.

    So is the speculation that the phone may be cheaper or more expensive after the 15th – or that maybe they’ll change the pricing plans? I don’t like subscribing to their $30-45/month extra data plans so I wouldn’t qualify for the advanced device credit anyway……wondering if I should wait til after the 15th to purchase.

  3. Mickie

    The Centro is an AWESOME phone! But, if you want the best network and the lowest price for this little jewel, get it from Sprint. Plus you save money on their new “everything” plan that INCLUDES data. I love my Centro, love the plan, and love the Sprint coverage.

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