UTStarcom XV6700 Gets AKU 2.2

UTStarcom today quietly placed firmware update 2.07.20 on their web site for the Verizon XV6700 PDA/Phone. This update reportedly adds Windows Mobile 5 AKU 2.2 as well as the MSFP Direct Push update. It also adds HTC’s Voice Dialing, as well as unsupported capacity to allow for MS Voice Command over Bluetooth.

Also the update removes a key Verizon hinderance. Verizon had ordered that the XV6700 not be allowed to be connected to CDMA and WiFi at the same time. Meaning, you could not receive calls while connected to a WiFi network. Verizon reportedly did this to ensure people would add a data plan, rather than rely on WiFi for data. Update 2.07.20 removes this hinderance fully.

A2DP, however, is not included in the update. UTStarcom’s online manual for the XV6700 has been updated to reflect the changes in AKU 2.2. Verizon Wireless will begin to promote the update on their web site tomorrow.

In related news, sources in Sprint have confirmed that Sprint is testing AKU 2.2 for the Sprint version of the XV6700, the PPC-6700.

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