UTStarcom De-Announces AKU 3 for PPC-6700, Palm Runs Away

UTStarcom today responded to PhoneNews.com’s repeated inquires as to the current status of AKU 3 for the PPC-6700. AKU 3 is the latest service pack release for Windows Mobile 5, and makes hundreds of performance and bug fixes. AKU 3 also adds support for Bluetooth PAN & IP NAT; more robust phone-as-modem platforms.

Both the PPC-6700 and Treo 700wx still lack the latest Windows Mobile 5 service pack…

This comes amid the releases from hackers who have released unofficial and unsupported ROM updates which add AKU 3.5 to the PPC-6700. AKU 3.5 is the latest official point-release of AKU 3, and such a release has proved how easily UTStarcom and HTC could offer AKU 3 for the device.

Despite reports from other media outlets however, UTStarcom today told PhoneNews.com they had not announced AKU 3 for the PPC-6700. UTStarcom would not provide any other information, nor even confirm if they were evaluating and testing AKU 3.

In addition, Palm has refused to comment on AKU 3 for the Treo 700w and Treo 700wx. This comes as a disappointing turn from the company that built the Palm platform, as it shows that they are unwilling to offer updates in parity between CDMA and GSM counterparts. Palm announced at CTIA that the Treo 750 would be upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.