UTStarcom Commits to AKU 3 for PPC-6700

Following direct pressure from users, and comprehensive coverage of UTStarcom’s refusal to update the PPC-6700 series, change has happened. UTStarcom today announced they intend to deliver AKU 3 for at least some versions of the PPC-6700 series. Carrier confirmations were not specified in UTStarcom’s release.

Previously, UTStarcom and major carriers had refused to even answer questions in regards to issuing the latest service pack release of Windows Mobile 5 for the flagship PDA/Phone on Sprint and Verizon. Users on Sprint have been stuck at AKU 2.0, and Verizon users have been stuck with AKU 2.2. Comparatively, AKU 2.0 performance is slower than Windows Mobile 2003 SE. This prompted hackers to release AKU 3.3 for the PPC-6700, pressuring UTStarcom to issue the update.

No timeframe was given for an official release of AKU 3, it must now enter carrier device approval processes.