Treo Hackers Bump Up Storage

Users that have been hacking away at Palm’s Treo lineup have found a way to enable SDHC support. SDHC is an add-on to the popular Secure Digital (SD) card standard. It dramatically increases the maximum capacity of SD memory cards, doubling the existing 4 GB capacity to 8 GB (and higher as newer cards are released).

By tapping files from the new Treo 680 on Cingular, which has SDHC support, users have been successful in adding SDHC support to the Treo 650 and Treo 700p. Currently this is not possible on WIndows Mobile Treo units, as an SDHC driver is not yet available.

It is not known if Palm will officially support SDHC in existing models with software updates. – SDHC Workaround