Toshiba Confirms Sprint Audiovox/Toshiba 9550 *Updated*

Update: Groupset also found a PDF giving more details about this phone here. It makes no mention of Bluetooth, but does confirm the phone’s video mail functionality.

Toshiba has posted on their web site images of Sprint-branded version of the Audiovox 9550. It will probably be sold under the Toshiba brand, as have previous Audiovox phones (Audiovox is the U.S. distributor of Toshiba phones).

Thanks to groupset for pointing these out (they are from Toshiba’s servers).
Picture 1 Picture 2

This is the first Sprint phone to use Qualcomm’s 6100 CDMA2000 chipset. Significant features (not all of these will be in the phone) of the chipset include:

Release A Sprint Network Support (307 kbps data transfer and able to receive calls while using data)
150 MHz ARM Processor w/ Java on-chipset acceleration
3D Graphics Acceleration
MPEG-4 Video Capture
MMS/SMS, GPSOne, MP3 Playback, AND Bluetooth

If the 9550 will support Bluetooth or not is all up to Toshiba (and Sprint)…