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3 responses to “Top 20 AT&T Mobility Authorized Dealers to Sell iPhone on November 1st”

  1. SaltyDawg

    LOL! It’s going to be funny watching the Spring reps try to sell the iPhone.

    Spring is one of the largest 3rd party AT&T retailers. They literally have a sign in their store that talks about all the disadvantages of the iPhone. They have a comparison chart showing other phones compared to the iPhone- last time I was in there, which was almost a year ago, they had the Vu on said chart.

    Anyway, this chart has things like device cost, required data plan cost, MMS (at the time), and various other advantages for the Vu with disadvantages for the iPhone.

    They were, of course, doing this because they weren’t allowed to sell the iPhone as a 3rd party retailer.

    It is going to be pretty funny watching them push the iPhone after they way they have been dogging it all this time.

  2. Jose

    @SaltyDawg that’s of course a false claim due to the fact that the data plan wont be considered into the sales rep commission payout since it strictly gets divided by apple and AT&T corp. It is merely a way to not have to walk a sale for that excuse

  3. Tony Nguyen

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