14 responses to “The Instinct to be $129.99”

  1. Mojo

    This is great news… Finally a wise decision by Sprint on the Instinct. This phone definitely has more value now that it’s a good $70.00 cheaper than the iPhone 3G, but still not a competitor to the new iPhone. I haven’t heard any details on whether the special offers on Instinct upgrades that were going to be made to a select group of 1 Million + exisiting customers is still going to happen though… Guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I know that the Instinct will still be required to be activated on one of the Everything Plans, or on one the Talk/Message/Data share plans though.

    Mojo from The GEEK Reports

  2. Dan


    Have you heard anything about the phone being released on 6-19 to exisiting customers. I stop by a Corp. Sprint store last Friday to see if they would show me their demo unit (which they would not) and the rep told me I could come back and buy it on 6-19 since I was already a customer. I never know when to believe what the reps say but I have seen a few other people that were told the same thing.

  3. Don Louie

    Looks like the editorial reached Dan, now all they need to do is add an Instinct data pack, get rid of SE requirement and add a smaller fam plan for Talk/Messaging/Data/Share and they have a winner

  4. EJ

    Any word of any other launches on the 20th? What’s the ETA on the V950 and Z700?

  5. Mojo

    To my knowledge, the Instinct will only be available starting June 20th… I can’t imagine that it will be available any earlier than that. As far as them not showing it to you, each corportate Sprint store had a rep go to Instinct training by Sprint, and that rep got a free Instinct, but had to sign a waiver that they would not show it to anybody other than other Sprint Corporate employees. But at least the Instinct is cheaper now.

    EJ… as far as the v950 and the Z700, no launch date to my knowledge yet… but the v950 looks liek a sweet phone.

    Mojo from The GEEK Reports

  6. Chris R.

    I just received an e-mail telling me if I print out the flyer, I can get it at the store on June 19.

  7. Kenneth Daniels

    Anyone who signed up on the “Now is good site” or Sprint Instinct site should get an email today stating you can get your Instinct tommorrow instead of Friday by bringing in a printout of the email.

  8. Dan

    Kick ***….just check my gmail account and also received the email about a half an hour ago with the email to print out!! That is how you take care of your exsisting cusotmer!

  9. Christopher Price

    If someone wants to, email the printout as a PDF to newstips -att- phonenews.com and we’ll share it with the rest of the world.

  10. Ivan

    @ Chris: done! You got 1 flyer in your mailbox.

  11. marcos

    all i know is im getting my “precious” tommorrow, as soon the sprint store opens ill be there with my email printout! oh such joy!!!!!

  12. o_O

    Why isn’t anyone commenting on the fact that the iPhone, or more specifically, AT&T is going to be throttling 3G iPhone users to 1.4mbps MAX. No more… The Moto Q already does better and their Aircards are capable of more already… AT&T hasnt made enough to support the pipes needed to provide a true 3G experience? Please.

    Rev. A > crippled 3G experience from AT&T.

    With that being said… 130 will keep customers but isnt going to generate a HUGE influx like the original did iPhone has. Shame.

  13. Thom

    I just got off the phone with sprint. ANY unlimited data plan can activate the M800.

  14. Mojo


    Right because all unlimited data plans are now either one of the everything plans, or one of the talk/message/data share plans.

    Mojo from The GEEK Reports