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23 responses to “T-Mobile’s “Project Dark” Plans Revealed”

  1. manny

    isn’t the sprint plans still cheaper??? plus you get better service and faster internet.

  2. Mark

    no the sprint plans aren’t cheaper….its 69.99 for only 450 minutes and calling to cell phones only ( god forbid you have to call a land line)…this is 79.99 for UNLIMITED EVERYTHING…….20 dollars cheaper than sprints unlimited everything and NO they dont have faster internet….unless you live in baltimore i think it is… This is great for TMO and its customers ……its still being competitive and offering great value!

  3. SaltyDawg

    I don;t know how this compares to Sprint’s plans on a whole, but i know at least the Family SERO plan (everything data or whatever it’s called) on Sprint beats this by a mile.
    On that plan, you can get unlimited calling to and from cell phones, unlimited data, unlimited text messages, unlimited navigation, unlimited sprint tv, and 1600 minutes to land lines. Oh, and the nights and weekends start at 7:00 pm. So those 1600 minutes to land lines would only start counting during bankers hours on weekdays.

    For a total of 4 lines on that plan (all Touch Pro 2 smartphones), it is only $140 per month.

    This T-Mobile Project Dark isn’t even close to that. Unless more details emerge, then Sprint has T-Mobile beat by a country mile.

    And Sprint has way more 3G coverage than T-Mobile too, so it’s not like that would even be an advantage. I guess you can technically get an unlocked phone and use it on T-Mobile, but good luck finding a decent one that works on their 3G.

    If you want GSM, AT&T is clearly the way to go. And if you are looking for low prices, Sprint is clearly the way to go.

    T-Mobile doesn’t fit into the picture anymore. The only ones considering them relevent are the fanboys that already have T-Mobile, or the people who don’t have another choice thanks to coverage issues on the other carriers (and there can’t possibly be too many of them with T-Mobile’s small network footprint).

    Sprint’s customer service is probably the hands down worst in the industry though, so cheaper may not always be better…

  4. James

    If you sign up…for the new plan with 4 lines its….169.97 for 4 Lines on the new sprint everything mobile plan for 1500 minutes. Now let’s be real, it sounds great because the whole cell phone thing but TMO does the same for 1500 min for 159.99 without the free nights at 7 ( really? 120 minutes difference for 5 days thats 600 minutes extra in total) or for the extra 10 bucks its 180 unlimited everything for 4 lines. I think Sprint customers are too wyled up and think its about them..TMO could care less about sprint….their company is in the RED ( Billions!) I believe this is a move to get ATT and VZ customers who over pay. Dont know about that SERO plan….but again those are the major differences…you decide….(fyI 4G IS A GIMMICK!)

  5. Duker

    LOL! they are in the Dark if they think this can beat the deals at Sprint when you consider Sprint’s network is so much better than T-Mobile!

  6. Don Louie

    This is the best national deal for all SERO defectors like JJ and igor who feel restricted by thier plans

  7. dowen

    Funny how some people have trouble adding. TMO’s unlimited family plan is NOT $140 if you have a smartphone. Those are $25 extra PER LINE. Family plan with 5 lines on TMO = $240/month! That blows. My Sprint EPRP plan is $165/month for 5 lines with unlimited data for every phone sold by Sprint.

  8. Jason

    Interesting that these plans aren’t unlimited data, only unlimited web. I see that as a HUGE difference. Sprint’s Everything plan is just that, everything. TMO’s plan isn’t for basically the same prices.

  9. SaltyDawg

    I think all the hype about T-Mobile’s Project Dark being a “game changer” was a bunch of bull. Sprint’s any mobile, anytime was a much bigger “game changer” than these new T-Mobile plans.

  10. JJ

    At this point, the sprint everything plus is a way better plan. Its good that tmobile is trying to make some impact but its not enough. Sprints plans are better and include better coverage and yes…faster 3g speed. If verizon came out with something like this then that would be a game changer. But for now sprint still has the best plans not too mention any mobile any time.

  11. Cell Dude

    The Project Dark idea based on the above price plans is not a “game changer”. I do not think they will gain any new customers. Right now, Sprint’s EPRP plans are better due to you get more features for the same price as T-Mobile’s EM and EM Plus. And Sprint’s 3G larger right now and moving to 4G.

    I was pulling for T-Mobile to shake things up in the wireless industry but I guess they should go back to the drawing board. They should continue to build out their 3G coverage.

  12. VNV

    SPRINT ANYTIME MINUTES START at 7PM. T-MOB AT 9PM. 2*5=10 *4=40 *60=2400

  13. RonaldVegan

    @James, who said “TMO could care less about sprint….”

    How much less?

  14. James

    Alot less….they’ve lost customers consistently every quarter….again everyone is funny cause their missing the bigger picture. TMO is going after the bigger market value, not Sprint…so again

    TMO could care less about sprint….plus this is a soft launch. Stop worrying so much right now about Sprint…you guys sound like you wanna marry sprint and their 4g isnt real its a hyped up 3g…so TMO is testing HSPDA now. This soft launch is a great way to see what works and what doesn’t. If need be I wouldnt be surprised if TMO dropped it to exactly match Sprint’s offer.

    Enjoy getting help at one of their stores! ——-> sign in here please.

  15. SaltyDawg

    Hey T-Mobile said they were launching Project Dark specifically so they could take sprint’s #3 spot. So they obvously care about Sprint.

    T-Mobile also confirmed that they were talking to Sprint in an attempt to lease their 4G network. So they obviously care about that too.

    They failed at getting sprint’s 4G network. If this Project Dark is the best they can do, they will fail at getting Sprint’s #3 spot too.

    If T-Mobile eventually lowers their prices to match Sprint’s, then Sprint will lower theirs even more. The Sprint referral plan is way better than anything T-Mobile has, and if Sprint starts marketing that plan (or even something like the old SERO), game over.

  16. Don Louie

    Actually the Even More Plus plans are cheaper than Sprint but if you factor in nav they are equal and when the cost of the phone is added they are more

  17. SaltyDawg

    How do you figure the T-Mobile “Even More pLus” are cheaper than Sprint? Let me put this into everyday terms here so it’s not so complicated…
    Here is what Sprint offers right now on the website:
    Everythind Data Family plan which includes:
    Unlimited calls to and from any cell phone on any carrier, anytime
    Unlimited data (even for smartphones)
    Unlimited messaging (text, MMS, etc)
    Unlimited Sprint Navigation
    Unlimited Sprint tv
    Nights and weekends start at 7:00 pm (this is 2 hours earlier than T-Mobile, so that comes out to be an extra 2400 anytime minutes per month)
    1500 anytime minutes (which are only used for calls to and from landlines during peak hours on weekdays)

    With the earlier nights and weekends, that is the same as a 3900 minute T-Mobile plan. And, all calls to and from cell phones are free, so T-Mobile would need a 3900 minute plan where only calls to and from landlines during the peak weekday hours count. This is basically the same thing as unlimited minutes to anyone using the device for personal reasons. Business customers might actually need a truly unlimite dplan, but I can’t imagine any personal user going over the alloted minutes as long as they are only counted towards landline calls during peak hours.

    So four smartphones on the above plan will run you $169.97 per month. And, you get a subsidy on the devices.

    T-Mobiles Project Dark still has some confusion over how much it actually costs to add a line to a family plan. But the best case scenario on all the things the T-Mobile reps are posting on the various message boards, is the following plan:

    Even More Plus family plan:
    $200 for 4 smartphone lines with unlimited minutes, texts, and web. And no subsidies on the devices, so you have to either bring your own or pay full retail.

    And there is a lot of debate even among T-Mobiel employees if that $200 price is valid or not. A lot of employees say some others are reading the charts wrong, and it will cost even more than $200 for a 4 line family plan on the unsubsidized unlimited family plan.

    It doesn’t matter though. Even if it turns out to be as little as $200 (which is looking less and less likely) Sprint is still cheaper by $30 per month. And even though it’s $30 per month cheaper, you get more services (GPS, TV, etc) and you also get a subsidy on your device, so you don’t have to pay full retail.

    When you factor in the cost of the device, Sprint is significantly cheaper. compare the cost of 4 Touch Pro 2’s on Sprint, at the subsidized price, on the above plan. Then compare the cost of 4 Touch Pro 2’s on T-Mobile, full retail, with the $200 plan.

    It’s not even close. Sprint wins by a country mile.

  18. Don Louie

    That’s what I need clarification on, the cost of additional lines for both tiers, Sawlty Dawg, would’ve thought you would be touting how ATT is cheaper while discounting the nav and entertainment. Times are changing

  19. SaltyDawg

    Contrary to your belief Don Louie, I have never been an AT&T fanboy. I just call it like I see it.

    If AT&T was the cheapest, I would be sure to say it. With AT&T starting to require a $30 data plan on smartphones now, there is no way they are the cheapest. They did say they will let everyone keep their current data plans if they already have a cheaper data plan. However, if you upgrade your phone you will be required to get the more expensive data plan.

    So with that being put into the picture (and that is a new AT&T policy as of 9-6-09) it takes AT&T out of the running for the best deal.

    I do still like GSM better than CDMA though. And if AT&T was charging the same amount as Sprint with equal coverage I can’t imagine why anyone would choose Sprint over AT&T.

    But as far as price is concerned, Sprint has the cheapest price right now, and I will likely be switching to Sprint if AT&T retentions won’t guarantee that I can keep my current data plan on a new Touch Pro 2 if I pay full retail price.

  20. Don Louie

    I didn’t mean that as a insult or compliment just that it seemed you were ATT because of the SIM thing. T Mobile upcoming no contract plans are cheaper

  21. SaltyDawg

    So it looks like it is $55 to add a line (smartphone) to the T-Mobile unlimited family plan. That makes it around $250 for a 4 line family plan, with no device subsidies (more if you have a subsidized device).

    So Sprint is way cheaper. Everything data plan is the same thing as unlimited to pretty much any non business user. And everything data is around $80 per month cheaper for a 4 line family plan, plus you get the device subsildy so you pay less for the actual device.

  22. Don Louie

    What’s the cost of additional lines for contracts and the bucket plans?

  23. SaltyDawg

    I don’t know for sure what any of the costs are. But there are T-Mobile reps saying if you add a line to a family plan, you pay the add a line fee plus another $30-$40 for smartphone data.

    So if that is the case, no matter what the fee is, it still costs more than Sprint.