T-Mobile Releases Nokia XpressMusic 5130

nokia-xpressmusic-5130-t-mobileT-Mobile has begun shipping the Nokia XpressMusic 5130. It is now available for ordering online.

The XpressMusic 5130 is a lower-end version of the XpressMusic line for the United States, replacing the aging 5610 slider music phone. While losing slider functionality, the phone is significantly cheaper, available for free with contract online; down from the $99 starting price for the 5610.

While an otherwise standard modern Series 40 phone, the 5130 ships with a 2 GB microSD card pre-installed. It appears this phone may have been destined for Nokia’s (now-delayed-to-2010) launch of Comes With Music for the United States. The offering, currently available in Europe, enables unlimited music access via a subscription bundled with the phone. Nokia delayed Comes WIth Music in the USA in order to better refine the product.

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