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3 responses to “T-Mobile Relaunches T-Zones as Web2Go, Raises Prices and Adds Caps”

  1. david

    Are folks still grandfathered with the contacted previous plans in or is T-mobile breaking the 2 yr contract so folks can leave.

  2. Humberto Saabedra

    People on the old plans are grandfathered in, this only applies to new customers.

  3. Anon

    There seems to be a lack of detail on this tzones-out ‘webtogo’-in situation I turned my phone on today 12-02-2008 and an otherwise normal information site I usually go to was ‘blocked’ and said blocked due to content on the screen. Now mind you I’ve had tzones for a long time and haven’t change a single thing. I confirmed that the content blocker was turned OFF as it’s always been via the tmob. web panel. So I called customer ‘service’ and the ‘service’ rep. was a clueless idiot who was trying very hard to upsell ‘webtogo’ to me. Was on hold for a supervisor and just decided to hang up and go read about this online. Perhaps existing tzone customers are ‘grandfathered’ in but what about the details. Are existing tzones customers going to now have a 50mb cap? Is the billing price going to change? Do we have to upgrade the phone (depends on the phone I’m sure). Is there an expiration somewhere that in i.e. 6 months we tzones people will HAVE to convert over and start getting charged more money? One thing that irks alot of people is that tmobile just did not notify tzones customers very well about this ‘change’ – a change that looks to me is meant to mainly benefit the corporation and not the customer. The very reason I signed up w/ tzones is that it was low cost and now tmobile phone internet access is going up in price.