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6 responses to “T-Mobile Relaunches HotSpot@Home with Personal CellSpot”

  1. Dominiqe

    Wait so if i get the hotspot will it replace my router?
    Will i be able to connect all the devices to it?
    Like my laptop desktop ipad etc

    1. Benton

      It will function as a regular wireless router as well.

      1. Dominiqe

        yes its a wifi router but is it standalone? Like will it send a wifi signal on its own or does it need a seperate service from brighthouse comcast etc to function?

  2. Josh

    This is not a femtocell. It’s just a wifi router with QoS tweaks to give priority to the wifi calling service when it’s in use. A femtocell would work with standard cellular frequencies. This does not.

  3. Brandon

    Not a femtocell. I have a nexus5, no wifi calling abilities, and zero help from this device in that regard. it’s a router with pre-configured QoS and firewall settings.