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6 responses to “T-Mobile Offering Sidekick Users Handset Discounts or Contract Out (Updated)”

  1. zak

    is this true ? i called a couple stores around my area and no one knows anything about it. WTF

  2. zak

    I did also call customer service they said its something they never heard of…….

  3. Jeff

    Sounds like they are being very responsive unlike Apple’s recent 3.1 coma-inducing update. It took them a whole month to fix and no info was provided in the mean time.

  4. yea

    yeaaaa i juss called twice and they got no clue wat im talking about….

  5. Christopher Price

    Yea, as noted in the latest update, T-Mobile has unified their retention options to offering $100 gift cards to all Sidekick owners. We do not anticipate the original offers still being available, since T-Mobile has announced the gift cards.