T-Mobile myFaves (With Any Phone), New Brand

T-Mobie has kicked off new, major changes for their company.

The first is a massive re-branding of the corporate image. Catherine Zeta-Jones, the company’s spokesperson, is officially out. “Get More”, their motto has been replaced with “Stick Together”.

Following the change in motto, T-Mobile has rolled out myFaves, a new option similar to Alltel’s My Circle, and Sprint’s PCS-to-Landline offerings. Customers can designate up to five numbers from their handset, which can be used to call at no additional charge. The service however requires special firmware, T-Mobile will not publish a workaround for existing phones.

However, users are reporting that once the myFaves numbers have been selected on a compatible handset, a user can swap SIMs with a non-myFaves phone and does not appear to be charged for placing those calls. As such, the special firmware in myFaves appears to only be necessary for relaying to T-Mobile the proper myFaves numbers. This could be accomplished via web site, however, T-Mobile again does not appear to be willing to offer this.

T-Mobile myFaves