T-Mobile Locks Out MinuteWatcher

T-Mobile has taken measures to prevent MinuteWatcher, a free minute-tracking service for customers, out of their web site. MinuteWatcher reports that T-Mobile has taken such actions, including modifying the T-Mobile.com terms of service in order to justify the lockout.

MinuteWatcher supports most plans on all major United States carriers, as well as carriers in Canada. The service has recently expanded to support family plans. By default, the web site will email customers twice weekly with their minute usage.

Further, the situation appears to have decayed between T-Mobile and MinuteWatcher. T-Mobile has not provided any official comment as to the rational for the block. Also, the change to T-Mobile’s terms do not legally deny MinuteWatcher access, only provides T-Mobile the choice to take such actions. From the terms of service:

“T-Mobile hereby specifically reserves the right… …to restrict your use of automated scripts, plug-ins, and/or other third-party devices to obtain information (e.g., unbilled usage data) from this site.”

T-Mobile representatives were not available for comment.

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