T-Mobile Launches New Pay By The Day Prepaid Plan

T-Mobile has launched a new nation wide prepay plan called Pay By The Day. The new plan is an inexpensive way for users to stay in touch.
The plan offers unlimited N&W minutes starting at 7pm and ending at 6:59am. Along with the unlimited N&W minutes, it also offers unlimited M2M calling. A quick break down of the plan reveals the following:
  • Calls to any landline or non-M2M will cost 10 cents per minute.
  • Messaging is priced at 10 cents to send and 5 cents to receive.
  • Every first call made each day is charged $1 regardless of N&W or M2M minutes. If the first call is either of the two, the consumers will not be charged any amount after the $1 while the 10 cents per minute will still apply to other calls.

Refilling your account is available through T-Zones, *ADD or by logging on to T-Mobile’s website.

5 responses to “T-Mobile Launches New Pay By The Day Prepaid Plan”

  1. Christopher

    Nice of t-mobile to get it together…. Now if only they would start a unlimited data package for $20, they’d be golden.

  2. Fahad Khan

    I know. It’s a similar plan to AT&T’s dollar per day but this offers the N&W. T-Mobile comes out with good plans, I just want them 3G

  3. Don Louie

    This beats Boost’s chat plan, it has 7 pm nites and weekends

  4. Fahad Khan

    I used to love T-Mobile but they are so far in the game as of now. I’m hoping that they catch up ‘fast’ !

  5. Artyom

    I bought a prepaid phone from TMobile and I am very disappointed by the service!!! I bought the plan, and then called to another US number that provides international calling services. I called the number then connected to another number in Europe. Basically T mobile should charge me only for connecting to that US number and another company has to charge me for the international call. However, somehow T mobile charges me for international calls although they did not provide that service. Customer service just told me in their system my call appears as international. This is a stupid situation. Imagine you buy a prepaid international calling card from Wal-Mart and then call to toll free number to make international call. T mobile charges for calling the toll free number and also charges the international call according to their rates, although they did not provide that service to me. Customer service told me that they do not support prepaid cards and it is written in the contract conditions. I could not find anything about it in the contract. In any case, TMobile does not have right to charge me for the service that you did not provide!!!