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4 responses to “Staples to Offer Free Windows 10 Upgrade Installs to Anyone Starting July 29”

  1. Tom S

    Only Microsoft would concoct a program wherein the only guaranteed way to receive Windows 10 as a free upgrade, would be to hand my machine to an acne-covered teenager at the Staples EasyTech desk to do it.

    Worst, upgrade, ever!

    1. Jacob S

      Only guaranteed way?

      Or you could just wait and get it via Windows Update. Or you could create the install media via easily available files. Or you could have joined the Insider program… all guaranteed ways to get it free.

      1. Tom S

        Obviously I meant on launch day. Waiting with Windows Update just angers customers needlessly. I shouldn’t have to use 60GB of bandwidth when I could just pull down a .iso file from Microsoft’s servers. In no way would that help piracy and it would only reduce bandwidth on Microsoft’s end.

        As to making my own ISO, I’ve looked at those tools, and don’t trust them. For one, there is no open source build that decrypts the ESD. So I have to trust some tool on a shady file sharing site. What if thousands trust that tool, and it’s later revealed to be compromised?

        Insider program doesn’t net me an ISO – so no, that helps nothing.

        Microsoft should pull its head out of you know where and just post bloody ISO’s for Win 10 and Win 10 Pro. There’s still time for them to apply pressure where needed to remove its head from said location.

  2. Frank F.

    Outside of say about 1% of the people, no one really cares about the upgrade enough to go to a Staples. AND, since it’s free I highly doubt that you’ll have people MAD about it. The large majority will just wait until it’s available as a download.

    I think it’s a great service that Staples is supplying. I believe it will have a positive impact on the sales of existing computers.

    I just hope they realize that you need to run upgrade adviser first. If not they may have a number of ticked off people who find out they lost some programs they had before like Media Center in Win 7.