4 responses to “Sprint’s Fourth Quarter Intermediary Results”

  1. Nextel Accessories

    not a good day for sprint employees….

  2. New Trio at Sprint | PhoneNews.com

    […] comes to office, one has come to expect that corporate reshuffling usually follows.  After laying off 4,000 employees, CEO Dan Hesse, has let go of three of its top executives: Chief Financial Officer Paul Saleh, […]

  3. A M

    Here is the problem with Sprint. I am currently employed by a 3rd party retailer selling Sprint phones. My customers come in and complain constantly about the customer service and mind you some of that is just people being people because they cannot get what they want; bet even me as an employee has problems with customer service when I have to call dealer support. Many of the dealer support people are uneducated about what 3rd party retailers can and can not do. There are many times I have to hang up the phone and call back again to try to get someone to help me and I am trying to sell a phone for them. I have even had some of them try to steel a sale from my store by trying to get my customer to buy through tele-sales. Every employee of the dealer support and customer service should be educated on how to deal with their people in a professional manner. More than once we have had customers say they would rather come to us for business than a corperate store because of how rude they have been treated by that store. It used to be the Customer is all ways right, even though I don’t completely agree with that Sprint should be trying their best to keep customers even when customers are rude and iritating. I was man once said “A soft answer turns away wrath.” But to many times the employees explode right along with the customers.