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22 responses to “Sprint WiMax Launch Roadmap Leaks Out”

  1. Ben S

    Where is Boise, IA (Iowa) ???

    Why have they not touched California or New York?

  2. Christopher Price

    IA is the state abbreviation for Iowa.

    The San Francisco Bay Area is slated for a 2010 launch, Sprint is only TBD’ing launch dates for 2009.

    Keep in mind that deploying WiMAX is not an easy task. Geographic and bandwidth limitations make it more difficult to deploy than a 3G network.

  3. Ben S

    Yes, I know IA is the abbreviation for Iowa. But there is not Boise, Iowa. There is a Boise, Idaho (ID). It was a joke.

  4. Texan

    I wonder where exactly in West Texas they will roll this out… El Paso?

  5. Mike

    How does Bosie, ID get it before Milwaukee, WI???

    Come on Sprint! You could have done Chicago and Milwaukee at once!

  6. Brian


    They rolled out Abilene, Amarillo, Lubbock, Midland, Odessa yesterday (08/01) by way of Clear, and we expect Sprint to acknowledge it soon.

  7. F1

    @ JJ
    Thank you, once again,for your feedback, it came down to the Touch Pro and the Palm Pro w/WiFi.

    It was the toughest renewal yet, it just took 6 days shy of one month, but at last results:
    Fixed the roaming on Palm Pro, Installed Opera Mobile (not as good as Opera mini) & Skyfire (very nice) and removed IE 6.1 (what a mess).
    I did not give up any legacy options and no changes, in addition I received credit for my none oprational Sprint Music downloads.
    At last, I got lucky with the final retention contact (escalation is a joke!), the phone dropped 3 times during the hour, she called me back 3 times, she was very understanding and did her best, as a result, I did not push her too much, nor did I ask for a supervisor, out of respect for her, but it was very evident that they are running low on fuel.

    Briefly about the Palm Pro/850, it is after all a MS 6.1, asides for the
    inexcusable smudge magnet design, otherwise what a beautiful device,
    they sure have come a long way, the hardware is very elegantly designed, it is made by HTC for Palm, now discontinued at Best Buy for only $149,great buy for so much phone, when it was all said and done I got it at 80% off that price.
    What an improvement, streaming Bayer3 (Bavarian Auto Bahn Staion), all the key standards, first with micro usb ,3.5 mm jack, 32Gb MicroSDHC ready, YouTube, multi tasking with ease, fun buttons, bright and clear color markings contrasting nicely on the black background, the camera however is only good for documenting, not for any social purposes (it makes blues into horror green tint!) due to lack color adjustment.
    Sound quality is simply superb, even with one bar!

    Barring any surprises,I will be staying with Sprint, maybe by 2011, Wimax 4G will hit CA and Los Angeles, the 10 million inhabitants of the world’s 8th largest economy, just in time for my next contract renewal, consideration!!

    Thank You!

  8. JJ

    Awesome f1. My mother uses the palm pro and it is her first smartphone. She is getting used to it pretty quick. The shape on it is pretty good and the design of it is good too. I would get it but I just love a big touch screen and Im used to not having a keyboard anymore. But that phone has gotten pretty good ratings so good luck and enjoy your phone. My renewal has been available since december 08. I was waiting for the touch pro2 but I might wait even longer to try out the HTC Hero. It may come by end of year possibly november. Well see what happens.

  9. Texan


    thanks for the great info. I am going to school in Lubbock right now and will probably be in Midland/Odessa in a few years, so it’s cool to hear that Wimax is already out over here…

    Of course, it makes me sad and slightly puzzled that there would be ‘4G’ Wimax out first from Clear/Sprint, while there is no 3G EVDO from Sprint here. 🙁 My 755p cries out in slow agony.

  10. Brian


    That is supposedly in the works too. My Touch Pro is painfully slow, but we shall see. I am hoping to hear word this week on Sprint’s plans for EVDO/Wimax in our area.

  11. F1

    @ Christopher

    Nice, so BGR and Phonenews are the same company?
    Identical censorship,….what a shame!

  12. Christopher Price

    F1, I assume your complaint is about a missing comment. It appears your comment got vaporized in the spam filter. Unfortunately, we were unable to recover it… but it was by no means censorship.

    When you post multiple links in a comment, sometimes it gets flagged as spam. That is the most common cause of false positives. We get hundreds of spam comments a day, and can’t go through them all. Also, sometimes server traffic simply doesn’t follow through with the message. It’s very rare, but it happens to everyone, regardless of if you’re or Gmail.

    Also, because we are such a high-profile site… our spam filters have to be on a high criteria.

    Please try to re-post your comment and we’ll try to train the filter to not block it. Training does improve our spam filter, and we certainly apologize for the inconvenience….

    … But try asking questions first, before shooting next time…

  13. F1

    @ Christopher Price

    Thank you for your explaination, if you look closely I did exactly,
    “… asking questions first, before shooting …”,however ironicly it seems to me, that your programm is the one, which in this case “does the shooting first…….”!!

    For the record, I posted a similar “vaporized” post on BGR, for over 2.5 hours it kept using the “moderation” quote, and holding back my time sensitive message, next with no warning,it was gone,at both sites, seems to me that:

    1.A courtesy statement, however automated it might have been, should have been generated and submited to my private email, with the above “explanation”!

    2. It was identical in execution, suggesting that BGR, uses the same software or monitors. After so many years of posting and seeing some spam on Phonenews, the software should by now consider the history of frequent poster’s first, initialy flag, and subsequently double check it by a human, before eliminating one’s legit, and time consuming post, perhaps reading the content first, would have made it clear, why I picked “censorship”, as a term describing the experience.

    3.Sadly,I could not post it again, since I would be running the risk of “elimination” once more, and the now expired value of the matter.

    Still, I thank you for ackowledging the sytem’s shortcoming, it was after all a negative experience, again executed in an identical fashion by to “high profile” sites,it seems to me, with “high profile”,should come,”higher set of standards”. For now I am chalking it off as a poor experience.

    Thank You

  14. F1


    Still, I thank you for ackowledging the sytem’s shortcoming, it was after all a negative experience, again executed in an identical fashion by two “high profile” sites,it seems to me, with “high profile”,should come,”higher set of standards”. For now I am chalking it off as an experience.

    Thank You

  15. Christopher Price

    F1, when we asked you to re-post the comment, we were literally looking for your posts in the comment queue… so that we could train the comment filter to not block them. The point of asking you to re-post was so that we could fine-tune the heuristics of the spam filter, to work better for everyone.

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  16. F1

    @ Christopher Price

    Heads up, to your ITdepartment!
    In the interest of science….I will resubmit, a rebuild version of my original post shortly, for the record it has two links, with minimal text.

    Good luck

  17. F1

    Repost:(Christopher Price/IT department)

    Here is some more read:

    Also, a year later, a rare insight from when the “Everything Plan Plus”, was originaly first being introduced back in July of 2008:

    Thank You

  18. F1

    @Cristopher Price


    Thank You

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