Sprint Treo 800w Release and Additional Device Details Surface

New details have surfaced regarding the replacement of the Treo 700wx on Sprint known as the Treo 800w.

Image courtesy of WMExperts

First is the release date for the device, which is now being listed for Sunday July 13th with a price of $249.99 after instant discount and mail-in rebate, though this may change at any time.

This corroborates prior information regarding the release schedule for the device, as closed beta testing is ending this week along with new information that the unit will indeed feature a hardware switch for the Wi-Fi radio and ringer, possibly as a result of complaints received during testing.

The complete specification list for the device still remains the same with an autonomous GPS transceiver, Windows Mobile 6.1, Wi-Fi radio, 320×320 resolution display, 100 MB of program memory with 170 MB of storage memory after OS startup, confirming the 128 MB ROM/256 RAM figure reported earlier, 2.0 megapixel camera with video recorder, speakerphone, Bluetooth with stereo audio support, and threaded SMS messaging.

The only other changes made to the device are the omission of a headphone jack with a 3.5mm to microUSB adapter needed for use with headphones, and the use of the same battery from the Centro, likely as a cost saving measure in order to speed up device development and reduction of total manufacturing costs.

There is also doubt as to whether the device will indeed launch with Rev. A as first reported, but further information suggests that it will indeed be the first new Sprint Windows Mobile device to launch with Rev. A before the expected launches of the new Touch and Touch Pro this year.

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3 responses to “Sprint Treo 800w Release and Additional Device Details Surface”

  1. Gopher

    I’ve had the privilege of using an 800w for nearly a month, and with the exception of battery life (I am a high-demand user) and the lacking WiFi switch, this is the most perfect smartphone I’ve used – especially for a beta unit. From form factor, to weight, to performance I am in love with the device.

    I currently carry a Motorola Q, which has served its purpose but really lacks in many areas – I’ve put it down to carry around a beta unit, which I am afraid to give up.

    Windows Mobile 6.1 has been great on each device capable of upgrade – I’ve used it on a Q9x, Samsung Ace and HTC 6800 Mogul (all from Sprint), and the 800w is hands-down my favorite (although the Mogul is has been outstanding). Performance of the device is superb – under load of Sprint TV and playing video media, the device performed well with mobile communicator and ActiveSync constantly running.

    Sprint TV looks fantastic on the device and performed flawlessly; video and audio media had excellent quality, even when streamed. I wouldn’t expect less from a Rev.A device.

    Of course all of it took its toll on the battery – I barely had 5 hours of use before recharging, but that did include nearly 2 hours of continuous talk time in admid my media playing and data sync frenzy.

    I have already committed myself to this device when it launches, and I believe the relationship will lead to the 3rd Great and Bountiful Human Empire.

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  3. los2003

    so now it has a usb jack or 3.5mm