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7 responses to “Sprint to Provide Unlock Codes for Phones… Still Unusable on Other Carriers”

  1. david davenport

    hello i have a metropcs cell phone.its a huawei m318 phone.i have a lcd problem .i can’t read text messages or read phone calls and area codes and phone is my cell -phone number (Edit: Deleted) here is my esn# (Edit: Deleted) my phone is off right now can’t make calls or recieve calls please fix i have a block on phone

  2. DAE DAE

    wat is my phones msl? im tryin to use my phone as a modem, i entered the code and it asks my msl. i have a samsung instinct

  3. lover-boy

    hello i have the rant phone by sprint and when i text a number it saves the number so i wanna erase the number but it says that i need a code&i dont know the code

  4. tracy stanhope

    my mortrola i760 phone came up with subsidy lock on the screen and i cant do anything. I turned off, took the battery out and still nothing. help. thanks