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24 responses to “Sprint to Drop HTC Touch Pro 2 Pricing to $199.99 on Thursday, October 1st (Updated)”

  1. JJ

    This is very smart for sprint to do. I might have to go look at the tp2 and compare it to the htc hero when it comes out.

  2. bottomline

    If u have a plan that u want to keep(sero plan, etc.) u will have to go with the tp2. If u dont mind switching to a simply everything plan(or u already have a simply everything plan) then u can chose between the 2.

  3. SaltyDawg

    What is the up front (before rebate) cost?

  4. Don Louie

    If it’s $200 after a $100 rebate then simple math would make it $300 or you can just go to Best Buy or the Shack and avoid the need for a rebate

  5. SaltyDawg

    So the rebate is $100 then (it doesn’t say that anywhere in the article)?

  6. Carla Anderson

    I called and spoke with at least five different people. I spoke to account services and received $50 off my bill. They all said they weren’t told to honor the price difference and I could call back on the 1st. They were all quite rude about it as well.

  7. EP


    You don’t have to have a *simply* everything plan to get a Hero or any other handset for that matter.

  8. Carolyn

    You can’t get this phone at Best Buy. It is exclusive to Sprint. Currently in my area, the Sprint Stores don’t even have it.

  9. Don Louie

    EP, all the Instinct phones and the Pre require Everything plans with the RIM devices requiring a $30 data plan so you might as well get an Everything plan

  10. JJ

    Only instinct and pre require everything plan. As of now the hero will be allowed on any data plan. Spoke with 3 different sprint reps and they all said that the hero will be allowed on any plan with unlimited data. I have also placed a pre order at best buy and I have the sero account.

  11. bottomline

    Correct me if im wrong, but I thought the hero had to have a simply everything plan as well ?

  12. Drew

    Makes you think what will happen a couple months after the Hero is out.. I guess there is no rush to upgrade on my part.

  13. JJ

    At first news of the hero the rumor was that it required a simply everything plan ,but as I was told by sprint it will not require it and if it does then best buy will be refunding me back my $50. But so far I think any plan that has data will work with hero.

  14. Mike Zielonka

    Lots of talk on the price and now with the price being right…has anyone tried it??


  15. DP

    I think what the earlier poster was trying to convey was that no handset on Sprint, even the Pre and Instinct, requires the SIMPLY everything plan. There is only one SIMPLY everything plan and it’s $99 and includes unlimited voice in addition to unlimited texts, data, BIS, etc. Anything else is not the SIMPLY everything plan. It’s ironic that Sprint created the various everything plans to reduce confusion and yet it seems to cause just as much confusion as before because everyone seems to want to call any and all of their plans the SIMPLY everything.

  16. Carlos

    So far no price change and it’s already the 1st. This actually agrees with wmexperts version of the story which says it is only for corporate liable customers and not through regular retail channels.

  17. dl

    if they don’t lower the price….that just makes it easier for me to make my decision and get the htc hero…currently using the touch pro and i hope i can get used to the touch keyboard on the hero.

  18. F1


    ” It’s ironic that Sprint created the various everything plans to reduce confusion and yet it seems to cause just as much confusion as before because everyone seems to want to call any and all of their plans the SIMPLY everything.”

    It was by design, as an alternative, just in case the original “real one”, was too expensive, hence creating a marketing “B” Plan option.

    Also note, various secondary “data packages”, were created after the original release as an afterthought option, i.e. enhancements such as “free mobile”, are all by design to lure people away from legacy plans and increase new accounts.

    Remember, if you get a discount, it will carry over,except in the case of the “original real one”.

    In other words, the confusion stems from their own action.

    Thank You

  19. Mark

    Independent confirmation, eh? You guys usually seem pretty on top of things.

  20. Christopher Price

    Mark, we are only as reliable as the carriers themselves. If they want to change the rules, they can do so at any time. If they want to make a plan business only at the last minute, it wouldn’t be the first time.

  21. Don Louie

    So depending on the sid discount you determines if you get that price?

  22. angie

    Uhh, on the sprint website its still $349.99

  23. Shanti

    I will leave sprint pcs to purchase and have this phone cheaper somewhere else. What is up with the price? I know that Sprint can drop the price for the Touch Pro 2 if verizon can.

  24. Lin

    I am a sprint premiere customer and have been with them over 10 years. They will not give me any sort of price match or even $25 credit on this phone. I think its horrible but I do not have a problem with their service or even getting credit when they mess something up. I guess its just the price I have to pay if I really want this phone! If anyone does get the price match or a credit please let me know how you did it so I can try!