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33 responses to “Sprint to Debut $69.99 Everything Plan with Unlimited Mobile Calling Tomorrow (Updated)”

  1. celz

    ouch.. i guess i dont need a fav 5 any more

  2. Don Louie

    Does this extend to family plans that are Everything?

  3. Mr .Hanson

    Things just got a lot more interesting.

    Does this include INCOMING calls from other mobile numbers. It makes no mentions of incoming, just outgoing.

    Does any know know if calls from google voice count as mobile to mobile if the user calling my google number is on a mobile?

  4. thom

    Is alltel consider verizon yet in the eyes of sprint?

  5. Spribnt

    Yes this extends to all

  6. Some guy

    This actually applies to ANY wireless number in the U.S. Not just certain carriers. So basically any of the 250 million wireless subscribers in America are your favs lol.

  7. Jeff

    This is useless for many people. I read an article recently that most people hardly use cell phone minutes. I’m sure there are some that will benefit, but the vast majority of people will be unaffected. The primary effect is to keep prices the same. I’d rather see prices come down.

  8. JJ

    Prices will not be coming down. This is actually a smart move on behalf of sprint. To get an iphone with 450 minutes plans start at $70. With this plan you get unlimited minutes to any wireless number, unlimited data, unlimited text and navigation starting at just 69.99. This is awesome. If you have an everything plus plan your doing even better. Sprint is really changing the game.

  9. Someone

    Jeff that article is BS and you suck! Your probably one of the many iphone users…so cliche

  10. Sprint Tech

    Jeff. I dont know how you can think that way when millions of people are on the Simply Everything plan right now. People ditch their landlines for cell phones, so its their only phone. They do use a lot of minutes. Sure, some people won’t need this AnyMobile perk, but a lot of people will use it. In the last hour, I am reading people’s reactions on various cell phone sites and there is more praise on Sprint than I have ever seen. I actually see a lot of people wanting to switch to Sprint now. I never see that. This really is big.

    I bet it even gets people on SERO plans to switch possibly. Sprint wants to get people off these legacy plans, and this is the kind of thing that will do it.

  11. Kevin

    I work for Sprint and I got the details and it will only be included on the Everything Data Plans. So the Everything Data 450 and 900 individual plans as well as the Everything Data Share1500 and 3000 plans. It will also be included on the new Business Advantage Messaging and Data plans and the Everything Plus Referral Plans but NOT the legacy SERO plans or the Wireless Advantage Club Plans. Any other plans that Sprint offers will not have Any Mobile, Anytime and it will not be available as an attachable at this time. New customers get the benefit at the date of new service. Existing customer on qualifying plans don’t have to worry about calling customer care to get the feature added as it will automatically be added at the beginning of their next bill cycle. (No it cannot be made effective today unless today is the beginning of your bill cycle)

  12. Drew

    I am currently on a SERO plan and dread switching phones each time a new one comes out. With this plan would we (SERO customers) be unrestricted to the sprint phone(s) we activate?

  13. Christopher Price

    Drew, Sprint’s Everything Data plans are compatible with all of their current phones. But, Sprint could roll out new plans and start the grandfathering all over again (think WiMAX).

  14. Drew

    haha WiMAX, Sprint does not even have EVDO service here.. The joys of living a 1X life!

    Thank you for your work here..

  15. ThatGuy

    Sprint still trying to stop the bleeding. This shoudl help…. and to whoever wrote that…. Average minute is on the decline because sms/mms has taken over. People don’t “talk” on their phone as much but use them more.

  16. Sprint Tech

    The Any Mobile, AnytimeSM feature will be added to existing subscriptions with Everything Data price plans whose account bill cycle ends on or after 9/11/09. Starting 9/12/09, these customers will automatically be enrolled in the new product and can begin taking advantage. Customers’ whose account bill cycles ends on or before today, 9/10/09 will have Any Mobile, AnytimeSM added 10/11/09. Customers will receive a bill message notification when they have been converted.

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  18. JJ

    If the everything plus replaced the sero plan do you think sprint will honor this features on those plans? Probably not because its such a good price already. But maybe someone can get it done. Let us know if any news on that.

  19. Kevin

    Referral Plus does have Any Mobile, Anytime. SERO doesn’t. And as was mentioned Referral Plus doesn’t restrict the handset you can activate on it. SERO does restrict which devices can be activated on it.

  20. Don Louie

    I cannot believe they won’t have a better ad than some new Hesse spots. I still say they ought to have a buy-in option for the non-Everything plans

  21. kody

    so this plan does include unlimited texting right im thinking about getting the new htc hero and im wondering if this plan comes with all the unlimited data and texting i want for the phone

  22. Christopher Price

    All Everything plans include unlimited handset data and unlimited text messaging.

  23. cflo

    be careful you only get 450 landline minutes a month. its unlimited to ONLY cell phone to cell phone.

  24. orlando

    the good thing about the 69.99 plan is if you ever run out of minutes. You can pay an extra 5 dollars to get an extra 100 minutes. No harm no foul. I think it’s a great idea. I was on the simply everything plan until I seen this plan. I use my phone quite often with other mobile users. Im trying the plan temporarily. We will see how it works out. You can also use your employee discounts. If your employer is offering it. I’ve been with sprint for quite sometime. Through the up and down, lol. But I think there making some great changes with customer service revamps and better plans than any other company

  25. bob

    Before y’all get all hot and bothered read the fine print



  27. annette

    i went to ge my grandson a new phone and they had already extended it so i guess christmas sux for him

  28. ANGEL

    The 450 landline time has me a bit worried…true 85% of the people use cell…however you always have that 1 aunt that calls you once a month..or any other business that may call you…is it free after 7pm regardless…i

  29. fwedwick

    Hi. i just got the new plan and i was just curious if there is anythng tht i need to know about the plan that will charge me more. last time i got the 49.99 plan, and the sellers didnt tell me little things that would charge me on my phone. i check my account, and they say somethng data, and it sayz that doesnt include in my plan and then i get charged for it. so in the new plan i wanna know if there is anythng i cnt do.

  30. Sherri

    I’m just wondering why anyone would pay $70 for an unlimited plan from Sprint when they could pay $45 for the same from Straight Talk? My daughter has an unlimited plan from Straight Talk for $45/month (carrier Verizon), and she can do anything and everything…..unlimited talk, text, data…to and from all different phone carriers. It’s leaving me a little confused……

  31. Christopher Price

    Sherri, Straight Talk is limited to feature phones (no smartphones).

    In addition, Sprint Everything plans include Sprint TV and Sprint Navigation free of charge. Straight Talk phones can’t even watch television or perform GPS turn-by-turn navigation.

    Essentially, Straight Talk is economical from a business-model standpoint, because users on Straight Talk aren’t going to use much data in the first place. It’s nearly impossible to use a fraction of the data that you could on a smartphone each month. The carriers know this, and charge accordingly.

    If you don’t care about using 3G data, internet, or other modern features that define a smartphone… then Straight Talk is a good option.

  32. Dude with a dounut

    hello, not 2 be mean but ive had both verizon and sprint, and to be honest, verizon is better

  33. Michelle

    I would disagree. I was with sprint and now been back w/verizon for about 4 years. I feel that service is the same but I pay a arm and a leg w/verizon!!!!