Sprint Signs Master Purchase Agreement with ZTE USA for WiMax Equipment

Sprint-Nextel has entered into a master purchase agreement with ZTE USA
(the American branch of Chinese ODM ZTE) for the purchase of WiMax USB
modems, laptop cards in the ExpressCard form factor, and home WiMax
networking equipment with VoIP services built-in from the equipment
manufacturer for Sprint’s forthcoming WiMax network.

ZTE is well-known within Asia as a manufacturer of mid-range and high-end
CDMA handsets, and has recently made strides to enter the U.S. CDMA market.
The company formally bid on the last Sprint-Nextel WiMax infrastructure
contract before losing out to Nokia earlier this year, and has recently
received FCC approval for their first US CDMA handset.

Sprint-Nextel has made prior statements that it will fully launch WiMax nationwide by year-end 2008, with intent to provide coverage to 100 million people.

Press Release (Yahoo! Business)