Sprint Sets Launch Date for Instinct

Sprint has announced a June 20th release date for the Samsung Instinct.

The release date covers availability through Telesales, online, and Sprint retailers, but did caution that availability would be just short of a complete national launch as not every store would be stocked on that day.

The carrier has not set a pricepoint for the multimedia device, which features a capacitive touchscreen similar to the iPhone, EVDO Rev. A access, and GPS support. The phone is positioned as one of Sprint’s flagship devices for this year alongside the Treo 800w and the pending launches of the HTC Touch Diamond and Raphael smart devices.

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11 responses to “Sprint Sets Launch Date for Instinct”

  1. Don Louie

    That’s cutting it close, next month the new iphone is coming out too. Nowadays Sprint is trying to consistently be 2nd or 3rd with thier plan and product releases, on top of that capping data and forcing plan changes for phones. These things are making of reconsider my loyalty

  2. JD

    Im sorry but Sprint CEO Dan Hesse leaked out unlimited calling for 99.99 on purpose so verizon and ATT would come out with it, and than he undercut them with simply everything. He was last on purpose

  3. ryan

    “Sprint is trying to consistently be 2nd or 3rd with thier plan and product releases”

    forgive me for saying this, but i’d rather wait for a better phone and a better plan

    “on top of that capping data”

    i’m confused…our unlimited data plans are great because they are just that…unlimited

    “forcing plan changes for phones”

    there is only one phone where a plan change is necessary and that is the new instinct which hasn’t even launched yet…any information regarding how long the change will be necessary is simply guess work, as the wireless industry is always changing its mind on things

  4. Scott

    You are nuts

    Sprint everything plan is unlimited everything, voice, text, web, nabigation, everything

    att and verizon are just unlimited talk

    and ALL carriers have limits on data.

    and I use my pda alot and i would never come nowhere near 5gb

  5. Don Louie

    If capping is for data cards great, why have a cap after 10+ years w/o one? When 4 of the 5 data plans for phones have all the capabilities that are needed to use the phone, so how does that necessitate plan change.

  6. Christopher Price

    There always was a cap, Sprint just never published it. Now they’re being up-front about it.

    Unlike other carriers, this is not a hard cap, you won’t get kicked off for going over once. Sprint sent along a few updates on the cap… we’ll have more news on it tonight.

  7. PW

    I have heard that new plans are on the way that are to include SMS and Internet with a bundle of minutes so folks can use the Instinct or other phones without being forced to the $99 Unlimited plan. So I would just hold off on the speculating and just wait as things are truly turning around with this company! But a lot of things (i.e. investments or turn around plans) take time regardless if this is a tech firm or not. In addition, this phone will be a nice nice phone and packs a ton of features.

  8. rola

    There is not going to be a cap on this as far as I have heard, it will be on its own unlimited plan

  9. Richard Slade

    I will buy this phone before July. Sprint is on top!!!!

  10. Joey Christian

    Does anyone know or have any idea how much the Samsung/Sprint Instinct phone may cost? Basically, I’m hoping that the Instinct kicks the i-phone @$$. But I’m on top of this phone also, I can hardly wait for this phone to arrive June, 20 2008

  11. Chris D

    When I spoke to a rep in the store and on the phone they told me that the phone would cost about 249.00 to 300.00 range. Man there’s 4 of us here in our office hoping to get a hold on one. I hope I have better luck then the others.