Sprint SERO Open to Everyone (Again)

Sprint has re-opened their attractive employee referral offer, the SERO plan, to all customers. The plan is usually only open to those that know a Sprint employee, and provide Sprint the employee’s email address. However, during holidays, Sprint is known to open up the offering to all customers.

The SERO plans begin at $29.99/month. They include a base level of 500 Fair & Flexible minutes as well as unlimited Power Vision data, no additional roaming charges, unlimited night and weekend minutes, no long distance charges, and picture/video mail. Minute tiers of 1250 ($49.99) and 2500 ($99.99) are also available.

To access the SERO store, enter savings@sprint.com as the referring employee email address. SERO is expected to stay open to the public at least through Valentine’s Day.

Sprint – SERO

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