Sprint Roadmap Surfaces With New Devices for 3rd Quarter

Avid posters on  SprintUsers have been discussing the leak of a new roadmap that details new phones and smart devices up to September.

Click for full-size image.

The first wave of phones launches this month with the hotly anticipated Treo 800w launching this Sunday July 13th, followed by the LG Rumor in Light Blue/White and Red BlackBerry Curve on the 27th.

August 17th sees the release of the previously reported Motorola VE20 which will fall under the MOTORAZR family as well as updates to both Sierra Wireless and Novatel ExpressCard and PC Card EVDO Rev. A modems respectively, while finishing out the month with an updated version of the Katana DLX known as the Eclipse which will feature EVDO, microSD expansion slot, full access to the PowerVision suite of services, Bluetooth, and external touch sensitive music controls.

September sees the release of two low end clamshells from Samsung in the M220 and M320 which will replace the M300 respectively in the lineup. The first Motorola QChat device will launch under the the name Renegade while adding a new iDEN bar phone in the lineup with the i365/iS.

The last device to launch on this day will be the MP6950 from HTC which is expected to be the CDMA version of the Touch Diamond smart device, with the model number corresponding as the successor to the 6900 series Touch also known as the Vogue.

As always these dates are tentative and subject to change without notice.

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10 responses to “Sprint Roadmap Surfaces With New Devices for 3rd Quarter”

  1. Don Louie

    The 1st ptt phones with DC on CDMA launched 4 ago so 6 months after that is when the highend rears it’s face, too long in between

  2. Tom Brownell

    The current thought and rumor is that the HTC 6950 will be a CDMA version of the Touch Dual and not the Touch Diamond.

  3. parrott84

    Clearly from the picture (and current Sprint store line up) you can tell that it won’t be the blue/black version of the Rumor, and instead will be a light blue with silver keypad (Just like the white and green models of the Rumor)

  4. Jeff

    Looks like we won’t be getting the Touch Pro until after September. From a post on another site, it might not be until November. The other site also thinks that the HTC 6950 would be the Touch Diamond and not the Touch Dual, though it could be the Touch Dual.

  5. Don Louie

    vzw’s Moto w/ptt is coming out in a few weeks and Sprint is going to wait 2 months for thier’s

  6. EJ

    The excruciating trickle of Qchat devices continues…

  7. Mike

    the MP6950 is the touch dual. that touch diamond model is MP3000 and pro should be MP3050

  8. Mike

    i would imagine the touch diamond and pro more than likely to come out Q4 this year, same time last year the regular touch came out

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