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55 responses to “Sprint Responds to SERO Woes”

  1. David Davidson

    Guys, you may not realize this but Sprint employees are only permitted seven referral accounts. I would be quite surprised if they spent one of them on someone they didn’t know in person.

  2. SERO and the Instinct - Sprint Gurus Forums

    […] SERO and phones… Here is the post to the article, read it and let me know what you guys think. Sprint Responds to SERO Woes | __________________ Owner of SprintGurus and man behind the curtain Have a problem with a post? […]

  3. Bhumika Patel

    Hello. I would love to get an referral from a Sprint employee to the Everything Plus plan. Please email me the employee email address and the last 3 digits of the ID. I really appreciate it. My email is

    Thank you

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