Sprint ReadyLink Presentation

Here is a customer presentation for Sprint ReadyLink. It is in PowerPoint format, so you will need either PowerPoint or Keynote to open it.

Link removed at the request of Sprint legal

Update: In an attempt to give full disclosure to our readers, here is the message received from Sprint:

“Please be advised PowerPoint presentation referencing Sprint Ready Link is proprietary information and should not be posted in any public forum. Sprint requests that you not post this presentation or if it has been posted, please remove it. If you have any questions please feel free to give me a call.

Mark McGrory

General Attorney

Sprint Legal Department


Sprint PCS Info is not admitting any wrongdoing by posting (and then removing) the presentation, as it had no comments that it was confidential on it. However, to avoid legal action against this site, it is the decision of this site to remove the file and link to it.