Sprint Pushes PPC-6800 Promo Materials

Much like the PPC-6700, and PPC-6600 before it, Sprint has quietly begun to tease the PPC-6800 (HTC Titan) in public. The latest disclosure being a complete spec sheet with details on the final release PPC-6800.

In a data sheet now available in some Sprint Stores, the PPC-6800 is outlined as launching with Windows Mobile 5, and EV-DO Rev 0, but the spec list specifically lists upgradeability to EV-DO Rev A. Also confirmed is a release with Windows Mobile 5, no mention of Windows Mobile 6. Sources still confirm a Windows Mobile 6 upgrade is in-the-works for the third quarter.

Also of note is the prominence of HTC in the device advertising. While HTC designs and manufacturers the device, UTStarcom has mostly handled device adaptation, approval, and customer support. The PPC-6800 is expected to begin launch late next month.

Sprint PPC-6800 Data Sheet (PDF)

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  1. Christopher Price

    You don’t need to use a headset, if that’s what your asking… headset use with any modern smartphone is purely optional.