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7 responses to “Sprint PDA Roadmap Reveals Treo 800w Slated for July”

  1. Chris R.

    Someone needs to dig up info on the Samsung M800!! hahha…I spoke with a Samsung teir 3 representative and he informed me that when he gets the device in the office he will call me…

    It’s weird how this phone has such little information about it!

  2. Fred

    This will prob be a hit in the business/corporate sector but as an individual user, I’m so done with the Treo form factor. Will there ever be any design innovation from Palm?

  3. fake

    fake! and a really bad one too there is no such thing as the curve 8830 its the 8130 andthey couldnt even put transparent backgrounds around the phones very unprofessional

  4. Christopher Price

    Mr./Ms. Fake, you really don’t know what you’re talking about.

    The BlackBerry 8130 is the CDMA version of the Pearl, and has already been released.

    The BlackBerry 8830 is indeed the CDMA version of the Curve.

  5. Jesse Ryan Barrick

    Wouldn’t that be 8330 for the CDMA Curve not the 8830?

  6. Christopher Price

    Sorry, got one number off. You are right it was the 8330. I thought the comment that triggered my response came from the Curve announcement on Verizon… since i don’t see anything related to BlackBerry in this article.

    But, to be clear (one more go at it), the 8130 is the CDMA Pearl, the 8330 is the CDMA Curve.

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