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6 responses to “Sprint Offers $40 Mobile Broadband Plan… To Some”

  1. Jeff

    Many, myself included, think that 5GB is a light user. Oh well.

  2. Chris

    Is the only requirement the tax ID? Anyone can register online at the IRS and get a EIN instantly. Just claim “sole proprietorship”,,id=102767,00.html

  3. Kevin DeKorte

    $5 for 100MB… oh well a fabulous deal… so what happens when you go over by 5GB, which is super easy to do if you are a heavy user. $250 overage charge! Heck it would be easier to subscribe to 3 or 4 cards and swap them out every week.

    As someone who works on the go constantly, I’m always using my card for daily usage. 5GB is nothing for a month, especially with all these sites with Java and Flash usage. Sprint needs a real plan for heavy users and they need it now. 4G is still years away.

  4. F1

    “The 5GB Joke”



    In 30 days, by visiting 7-8 Sites per day, with “zero” downloads = 2GB
    Add “30” PowerPoint file downloads=2GB+1GB=3GB
    Add a “600MB” PDF Torrent file, doubles usage to “1.2 GB” = 4.2GB
    No Youtube visits!


    10 GB would allow
    add “one” 4.7GB DVD 120 min download/upload +4.2GB = 8.9GB
    add “200” MP3 download/upload @ 1 GB + 8.9 GB= 10GB

    The websites today, are flash intense/heavy, no longer 2000 era tech-data standards, 10GB should be the minimum choice/option @ $40 per month.
    VZ started the “5GB Unlimited”, the rest in the tradition of “price fixing”, jumped on the bandwagon, and no one, no FCC filed a law suit for falls advertising of the word “Unlimited”!
    Anyone say “LOB-corruption”??

    ThanK You

  5. qwerty

    A $39.99 plan has been around for years, but it was very limited- 30 mb if I remember right. It’s been around since the 1xRTT days where it wasn’t common at all to use 30mb in a month.

  6. mobile broadband

    Sprint saw a clear need for a plan that meets the needs of Corporate Liable business users whose data usage is moderate.