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2 responses to “Sprint 11/2 Plan Changes Add ETF Proration, No Plan Fire Sale”

  1. Don Louie

    It’s almost as good as vzw, as far as I know they prorate accordingly with the time left on the contract

  2. Anthony Crook

    I feel i was a little mislead about the sprint everything messaging family plan.

    yes it has 1500 shared minutes, and unlimited text messaging. But to be ablr to really use the picture messaging you I seem to be getting charged data rates.

    when i went to the online chat with sprint and inquired about it, I was told that you can send and receive pictures via picture maill all day at no charge. the cost is when you open them at 3 cents per kb.

    well i used one phone to send a pic mail to another one with unlimited data and still received a charge.