Sprint Nextel Gets the Facts Out (Updated)

Sprint Nextel is launching a new advertising campaign aimed directly at Cingular. The goal of the advertising is to give consumers “the facts” about mobile broadband networks. Sprint Nextel states that it is a Fact that their Sprint branded mobile broadband network is the largest mobile braodband network, and is 5x faster than Cingulars EDGE network.

“At Sprint, we are giving our customers the power to get work done faster and in more places,” said Mike Goff, vice president of national advertising for Sprint. “The ad using actual spaghetti western footage comparing Sprint’s mobile broadband network to Cingular’s EDGE network very clearly depicts how Sprint is empowering customers to do more, at five times the speed of Cingular’s EDGE network.”

As you may have guessed the advertising does include some humorous TV commercials. With actual footage from a “spaghetti western” used for comparing Sprints Broadband network to Cingulars EDGE network.

Sprint Nextel Press Release

Update: You can now download both TV ads using the links below:
Vultures (Windows Media)
Gun Slinger (Windows Media)