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9 responses to “Sprint Launches Sanyo 3810 and Samsung Moment”

  1. JJ

    Dont know if it is a mistake on sprints behalf but when checking out on the sprint website I don’t get the message that the moment requires an everything plan. I double checked and I get the message when trying to checkout with hero and then tried moment again and it didn’t give me the message. Could it be possible this phone does not require an EP? If it was htc I would finish checking out and test it but I don’t want a samsung. If anyone has luck doing it let us know.

  2. Duker

    Neither require the everything plan. You can get any plan you want plus you will need the data plan. I recommend the Sprint Pro Pack ($30). You get unlimited data, text messaging and sprint navigation.

  3. EP

    The Moment should require an Everything Data or Simply Everything plan as it is an Android device.

  4. wb

    I can’t get a clear answer , one rep from account services told me that I could activate the moment on my reg plan and the rest told me it couldn’t be done. Chances are it requires the EP.

  5. Rich

    I have the Hero, went to see Moment because I’m still in my 30 days… didn’t really like the moment as much as Hero. It felt too heavy and just didnt like the software layout.

  6. JJ

    If you go to best buy their paperwork next to their phones say you can get the hero and Im assuming the moment on any plan as long as it has a $30 pro pack or you can get an EP. The pre and instinct both say it requires the EP and thats it. So if your on SERO it wont work unless you add a $30 pro pack which doesn’t make sense since the plan already has data and you can just upgrade to the everything plus. So for those who have a grandfathered in plan and want the hero or moment all you need is to come up with an extra $30/month.

  7. JJ

    Oh,forgot to mention. Although the Moment has a little bit better specs than the hero, the hero works better than the moment due to the sense ui. The sense ui from htc really makes a difference. Not to mention HTC makes great phones. The hero just feels better in your hands and works really smooth. If only there was a way to get sense ui on the moment.

  8. EP

    If you go here:
    it does seem as though an Everything Plan is required for the Moment as I suspected.

  9. Don Louie

    The main reason a plan change is required, even if you forgo the subsidy