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4 responses to “Sprint Launches Samsung Instinct HD”

  1. Doax

    I ordered it up from Sprints website. I was able to get a company discount to get it at $249 out the door with an instant rebate. IMO still too expensive. That company page I could get the TP2 for $199 with no rebates. If the IHD sucks that bad I’ll be returning it and getting a TP2 or a Intrepid. I already have a G1 so I dont need anymore android.

  2. Don Louie

    Glad you were finally able to get your prefered device

  3. Doax

    Hey Don Louie I’ve seen you post at a lot of the places I’ve cried recently. TY for your gladness, its nice to hear something other than flames on the internet. Sorry if you’ve seen me say “I already have a G1 so I dont need anymore android” a lot. Its not me gloating its so I dont get all these responses saying I should get a Hero. But I’ve heard a lot of complaints about the IHD already, and that there have been two updates already. So hopefully things work out with that phone, also hopefully the reception is better than the S30 and the Rant.

  4. thunder18

    Do the update as soon as you get the phone, i’d almost suggest in store if they will let you. It’s 2 consecutive updates and they appear to fix battery life and signal issues.
    You’ll love the camera, btw.