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20 responses to “Sprint Launches Samsung Exclaim, LG LX370, HTC Snap”

  1. Mike

    The Spint HTC Snap S511 does NOT have Wi-Fi….or at least it is not enabled. I cannot speak to whether or not the chip exists inside or not, but HTC/Sprint have omitted support for it.

  2. Don Louie

    There’s a little chatter elsewhere that the Ozone will have WiFi, sucks Sprint is leaving it out

  3. JJ

    The snap looks like a decent phone. The trackball feature is pretty cool. Blackberry users have used it for years and love it. Looking forward to trying it out. Can’t wait to see how the inner circle program works. I don’t think the missing wifi would be a big thing since most people have access to the high speed network in most areas. I myself haven’t used wifi on my diamond in months.

  4. F1

    Garbage X 3!!!

    Outdated, stripped garbage, nothing that is new, or has not been sold by SPRINT before, 2.0 MP same as my m610 of 2006!!

    Sprint your funeral is at hand, hand in hand with the current outdated line up, and the enforcement of Everything Plans or exclusion of choices for flagship phones to current customers, vs the deep pocketed competition’s broad range of selection!

    On a different note, just as an example of what is going on with Sprint, I met up with someone showing me ABC news on a different carrier using mobiTV, the stream was gorgeous on a Nokia E71 (I think), not to be outdone, I pulled out my Samsung m610 , went into the “channel lineup”, to pull up CNN mobile, which I have used for 5 years, guess what ? Not only is it removed, it is nowhere in any line up even for any upgrade, mind you it was standard in my package for years, for the first time the “news lineup”, is “blank”!
    ABCNews is part of another premium package, what the hell, happened to CNN mobile ??
    It has simply been guted, without any warning or notice!
    Why? I pay my bill, month after month, year after year! How is that legal?
    Do I get a reduction of fees, based on reduction of services?
    I purchased 3 dozens songs of the Sprint Music site, guess what none of the legaly downloaded copies work, they pocketed the money and closed the PC download shop option and support!
    These are facts, how do they do it?
    They are BK period, they are going to cut back till there is nothing left to cut,and they get away with it, why do they get away you ask?
    Because the FCC is also BK, they are underfunded, understaffed and simply can not provide the manpower to pursue these and other issues, and they have to pick and choose their battles, and the industry knows it, hence the blatant abuse!

    I am getting ready to draft a letter to the U.S. Senate, for the purpose of the creation of a “Cell Phone Consumer Bill of Rights”!
    Enough is enough!

    Thank You

  5. Brat

    First: F1 get a life man. Seriously if you don’t like the service then cancel your contract and go elsewhere. Yes Sprint isn’t perfect but just because a few nutballs like you don’t like it when things don’t work 100% to your satisfaction doesn’t mean the company is failing overall. Sprint is moving to make their noncommercial customers happier more and more where they primarily concentrated on their commercial customers in the past. That’s why they’ve had such a lousy line up of phones and still have bugs to work out in the services they provide. Sprint continually provides reliable coverage, competitive pricing, reasonable deposits and now phones that have functionality. Is Sprint perfect? No. But no company is.

    Back to the focus of phones being released, I just bought the Exclaim the other day and say it is a definite improvement over the Rant and was worth every penny. Do I watch online content and surf the web on it? No. That’s why I have a REAL computer so if that’s your worries I can’t shed any light there for you. If you want a fun and well designed phone that is great for texting and talking then I recommend it. The OS is pretty intuitive and I love the larger screen.

  6. F1


    I am talking about the law, “full disclosure”, when you pay for a service, it is their “fiduciary” responsibility and duty to provide the sevice throughout the paid period, regardless whether the consumer uses the service once, everyday or never, period.
    You can not unilaterly make changes without disclosing it to the client/consumer, and when caught, say:”Ok I will credit your account, now that you found out”,that constitutes fraud!
    I am happy for you, enjoy your new phone, I am speaking as a high end cosumer.

    For the record, I cut off landline service back in 1997,
    I have been a Cell user since 1995, Airtouch/VZ, Tmobile and SprintPCS since 1997!
    I agree, no company is perfect, hence my closing paragraph, again is siting the “Industry”, not Sprint, “Cell Phone Consumer Bill of Rights”!

    Thank You

  7. Don Louie

    You had a legitimate beef with the forced plan change on specific phones but are way off dragging published (invoices, when you use the services and on thier site) changes to tv and the music store in a new phone article here and on bgr.

  8. F1

    @Don Louie

    In my “Sprint Statements”, there is no word of line up change!
    I bought songs going back two years, why are the paid downloaded PC versions, not playing ????
    It is the truth and factual, some like you got notices, I sure did not!
    That is wrong.

    Thank You

  9. Don Louie

    The notices that pc backup was coming to an end a long time ago, all over the store, they even pushed it back twice. You didn’t say attention, check more often or even the forums here

  10. Don Louie

    I meant “say attention” and when launching tv there was notices of changes.

  11. F1

    @Don Louie

    1. “The notices that pc backup was coming to an end a long time ago”,true, however it NEVER said that, “what you have downloaded, will stop working”!??

    2.My Tv notices always said,”some special/live event is on”, again never a word of line up reductions by some “10 Channels”, as someone said earlier.

    3.I visit 5 Cell/Tech and 5 News sites,every morning, is not one of them, maybe it should have been, again it is time consuming, I want a service I can trust, one that is dependable!

    FYI: Phonenews/Phonescoop/Boy Genius Report/Mobileburn/Engadget

    Thank You

  12. Christopher Price

    The PC Backup debacle was really Microsoft’s fault more than anyone else’s. They intentionally made the feature untenable for anyone to use, as the company wanted to kill PlaysForSure technology, in favor of Zune.

    About the only thing extra Sprint could have done, was send each customer a text message repeated times warning them.

    Only after killing PlaysForSure did Microsoft realize the anti-trust nature of their actions. Unfortunately, rather than create open infastructure, or proliferate Zune’s platform onto other devices… Microsoft created PlayReady in the place of PFS.

    Only difference this time, is that the marketplace is devastated, with only the likes of Real and Nokia even touching the technology.

  13. Don Louie

    Chris, what does Microsoft have to do with Groove Mobile?

  14. F1


    Thank you for that bit of information, so in theory:

    1. Since Sprint is fully capable of identifying which paid songs have been PC downloaded, it should refund the fees collected, and turn around ask Microsoft to pay them back, or face a class action law suit by
    the consumers ?!

    2.Since both companies are sharing this profit, they could be charged with conspiracy?

    Instead they just pocket the money and go on conducting business as usual. Does that not constitute fraud? I wonder if FCC knows about this conduct?

    Thank You

  15. Don Louie

    I wasn’t trying to be a smart@$, really want to know Microsoft’s connection with GrooveMobile and how it’s related to PlayForSure, PlayReady and pc backup.

  16. Les

    The Samsung Exclaim has been giving me problems. I returned the first one thinking it was defective, but the next one I got is still giving me the Error #97 and the Qwerty Keyboard and number pad lights are still shorting! The sad thing is I really liked the Samsung Exclaim.

  17. DM

    I got this one no more than a month ago and from the beginning it was great and was something I was really getting use to. But as of about 2 weeks ago its been starting to act up really bad. Some of the issues are pretty popular in some of the conversations about the Exclaim here lately. Here are my issues.
    1. When texting it will say message sent and will automatically return to home screen and when I access my text messages its not in there. Its supposed to save the entire conversation until deleted.
    2.The notification light is blinking when it wants to and majority of the time I never have a missed call, voicemail, or text message.
    3.Unlocking by itself and not allowing me to lock the screen back.
    4. Freezing up. Distored screen. Locking up.
    5. The tiles that are automatically set up like Facebook, MySpace, google, messaging, account, etc are not there anymore. If I select a tile it says loading messaging tile and nothing ever happens and I cannot access the link.
    6. I had the weather and horoscope bubble on my phone and now it keeps telling me I don’t have enough memory when I have checked my memory and there is more than enough available.
    I am currently or some time this week or weekend going in to Sprint to see what the problem is and what my options are. I cannot and will not do this especially when I am paying for services I cannot use.

  18. Summer

    I have a different model, the new “Samsung Reclaim” Love the phone so far, but tonight it did the “loading messaging tile” thing that DM mentioned above. Just FYI, I fixed mine by doing the following:
    1. *Remove* messaging tile from carousel
    2. Power the phone off!
    3. Power the phone back on.
    4. Re-add the messaging tile (or whatever tile is freaking out on you)
    After I did this, the messaging tile just popped up normal as it used to quick and easy.

    (Just adding/removing tile or just power cycling did nothing, but the above method worked on my phone..)

    Here’s hoping it stays fixed and that this info helps someone else!

  19. Billy

    I had the loading messaging tile error as well. Your solution above worked! Thanks!!