5 responses to “Sprint Launches New, Simply Everything Plan with Voice and Data”

  1. spinedoc

    In speaking with a rep back when this was offered in limited markets she stated that if you had a data card you would get a discount. I think it amounted to like $140 for one unlimited line AND unlimited data card.

    Anyone have more information on this?

  2. cookiebear

    this not the same and is not available in affiliate markets

  3. brandon smith

    None of Sprints plans are available in affiliate markets. They set their own prices as they own the network in that area.

  4. Carl Hall

    I called and they said no employee discoint, or any discounts will be vaailable with the simply anything plans.. That what I was told.. WHo knows if its right though

  5. justhere

    Yea, you can’t add any discounts with the simply everything plans as their normal unlimited plan is for 199.99 they can’t apply any additional discounts. I was told by a several reps the system with automatically reject the discounts. Even without the discounts those ppl who were paying 199.99 will still be saving a lot more than with a discount.