Sprint Launches Mobile Broadband 2-in 1 Aircard

ImageFollowing up on our coverage of the Sierra AirCard 402, Sprint has launched its branded version in the Sprint Mobile Broadband 2 in 1.

The aircard features a locking PCMCIA adapter to seamlessly switch from an ExpressCard equipped laptop to an older PCMCIA slot, as well as automatic installation of Sprint SmartView with embedded software, internal antenna, and GPS support.

The card is now available exclusively online for $99.99 after $150 instant savings before an additional $50 mail-in rebate, bringing the total to $99.99.

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5 responses to “Sprint Launches Mobile Broadband 2-in 1 Aircard”

  1. qwerty

    2 in 1? More like just 1 with an adaptor. Several (most?) express slot cards for Sprint have had those for a while. Nice little marketing gimmick they tried with it, though.

  2. Christopher Price

    Typically, the PC Card adapter is sold separately for much more. And, some times, it isn’t really as portable as you’d like. A lot of the adapters are flimsy, some even have driver issues.

    Selling them as a pair makes sense… it’s a bit more than a marketing gimmick, more like a product enhancement.

  3. Mustang46L

    Yeah I agree. Most of the express card aircards I’ve been selling come with the PCMCIA adapter for a while. Not sure why this is a big deal now.

  4. Jim

    They need to come with USB adapters too.

  5. F1

    Does anybody know major any Brick&Mortars carrying express card / PCMCIA adapters? ( Sharp built in DVR w/PCMCIA slot)

    Thank You