Sprint Launches HTC PPC-6800 Mogul

Sprint has launched the HTC PPC-6800 Mogul (formerly the Titan). The device has had a difficult launch cycle, originally delayed to October in order to ship with EV-DO Rev. A and Windows Mobile 6. However, outcry from users prompted Sprint to change their mind and ship the device with EV-DO Rev 0, but still with Windows Mobile 6.

The PPC-6800 from Sprint builds on the previous PPC-6700 by adding Sprint Music Store support, a 2.0 megapixel camera, Li-Polymer battery, a trackwheel, and Java.

Launching the PPC-6800 on Sprint delivers three firsts. It is the first phone that can support EV-DO Rev. A (a firmware update has been promised by Sprint), it is the first Windows Mobile 6 device on CDMA in the U.S., and it is the first HTC device in the U.S. to carry the HTC brand. The PPC-6800 retails for $399.99 after rebate with new two-year agreement, $549.99 without contract.

Sprint PPC-6800 Product Page