Sprint in Preliminary Partnership Talks With SKTelecom

A report from the Wall Street Journal indicates that Sprint and SKTelecom are in talks to enter into a strategic partnership which would involve joint development of handsets and services, even going as far as SKTelecom purchasing a minority stake in the carrier if the talks progress further, though nothing has been confirmed at this time as Sprint had rejected a takeover bid from SKTelecom late last year when the South Korean carrier was working with the equity firm Providence Equity.

SKTelecom first surfaced in the US market thanks to a partnership with Earthlink which gave rise to the MVNO Helio, which was the first carrier to begin bundling unlimited data and messaging access with voice plans in 2005 and began to offer phones and devices developed jointly with SKTelecom.

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2 responses to “Sprint in Preliminary Partnership Talks With SKTelecom”

  1. Don Louie

    Sprint is always rumored to be bought by somebody every two weeks, it’s either SK Telecom or T Mobile’s parent from Germany

  2. celz

    i hope sk does they realize from a tech stand point sprint is the farthest ahead and has the most open mind but from a consumer standpoint its bad lol they need help