Sprint HTC Snap to Launch June 7th

The first live images and launch information has surfaced regarding the forthcoming HTC Willow, the CDMA version of the HTC Snap first announced at CTIA.


Picture courtesy of PPCGeeks

The phone will feature the same specifications as the Snap with a 528 MHz processor, 128 MB RAM with 80 MB user accessible, 256 MB ROM, Bluetooth 2.1, landscape QVGA resolution display, 2.0 megapixel camera and Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard. The biggest change will be in terms of battery capacity with the 800mAH battery being swapped for a larger 1500mAH unit.

The bodyshell and keyboard feature a different shape from the Snap, but the two are otherwise identical interms of internal hardware. Pricing is expected to be set at $149.99 after rebates with the launch set for June 7th.

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4 responses to “Sprint HTC Snap to Launch June 7th”

  1. F1

    I was hoping it had the case style, look and finish of the ATT Bold, or something elegant and understated,but again,
    the same garbage as usual:

    1.Cheesy shiny smudge magnet finish, Pre/Pro style, even though internal Sprint research showed people prefer the matt finish, still they opted for the opposite!
    2. 2.0 meg pix in June 2009, same meg pix as a Dec 2006 m610!!
    3. WM 6.1,what is the rush,they could have not waited for the 6.5 ??
    4. In addition no touch screen,making it a $50 cheaper Palm Pro, which is also made by HTC!
    This “timely” release of the Pro, with the Pre coming shortly,that will surely help canibalizing the remaining sales figures, sheer marketing genius Sprint!!

    Hopeless, I am just about done with these people, ready to move on,49.1 or 48 million customers left for now, keep it up and it will not be long before it is all over guranteed!!

    Thank you

  2. milkbone

    1 – No comment, the GSM predecessor is a rubberized finish.
    2 – Picture quality is not dependent on MP, picture size is. I would freely wager the quality of a SE S710 1.3 MP camera circa 2005 against a lot of higher MP numbered current cameras.
    3 – There will assuredly be an official upgrade.
    4 – a – No touch screen = WM Smartphone instead of WM Pro. Not everyone wants or likes a touchscreen, myself included. Not everyone like WM Pro over WM Smartphone, myself included.
    b – HTC doesn’t make Palm devices. Palm does.
    c – some people really dislike the Palm OS, which is established, not to mention the new Palm OS AKA WebOS, which is not.

    I say Bravo to Sprint, if I were to go back this would be my choice. I love qwerty, WM Smartphone, and not getting stuck with a Curve or Q by default.

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