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3 responses to “Sprint Family Locator (Updated Again)”

  1. N. Name

    Sprint Family Locator

    They should change approval so that the person with the handset must approve tracking OR require a phone call with authentication BEFORE activating Family Locator.

    Do not allow the email address to be changed for notifications – they will be redirected.

    Do not allow blocking of the Sprint identifier for text msg notification

    This service can be
    secretly added by the person on the main account (spouse, sig other)
    used to stalk by abusers without the awareness of victim.

    This is a serious problem. I hope they will address it before someone’s injury is linked to the use of their service.

  2. poisonevie569

    ok so what i am wondering is…. how can i put a block on my phone so that my husband can not track me…i am not cheating on him but i am soooooooooooooooo done with “stalking” questioning my where abouts when i tell him straight out… this is over night change thats driving me crazy help!!!! asap