Sprint Double Billing T608 Orders? Looks like it…

Update: Here’s what I’ve found: Sprint charges your account, then bills your credit card (for the amount of the phone), then lists that as a payment on your account. Bottom line: When ordering from Sprint directly, do not give them your Sprint phone number where it asks for it.

This is my personal experience, but it parallels what many other people are finding

I had placed two orders for the T608, and had cancelled one of them. They were both billed to my credit card This month they refunded one of the two charges, but then billed my Sprint account for the same order (that was cancelled), giving it a new order number that doesn’t even sound like the other ones (starts with an F while the orders I placed started with a 6).

I don’t know what’s going on here, but I’m calling customer service now to get my $250 credit on my bill.