Sprint Demonstrates Pivot Cable Co Bundle Service

Sprint has officially unveiled their bundling service with the cable
company partnership. Dubbed Pivot, the service will bundle Sprint
wireless service with Comcast, Time Warner, or Cox cable television,
digital voice, and high-speed internet service.

What makes this service
different from other attempts at service bundles is the additional
functionality built into the handsets sold through the partnership.

handsets will have custom firmware installed that will allow it to
interface with DVR set top units from the aforementioned cable
companies to schedule recordings, view program listings, view live
television streamed to the phone from the tuner, check home email and
voicemail from the phone, as well as unlimited calling to/from the home
phone line.

The service is available in eight markets with another 40
rolling out service this year. Pricing is dependent on market. Read
to view pictures of the service in action.

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