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3 responses to “Sprint Confirms Hard Shutdown Date For WiMax Service”

  1. Jeff

    I still have a Clear hotspot that I use nearly everyday. I average about 30GB/month on it. They did raise the price $5 within the last year, but it has been great.

  2. richard

    so…I am using freedompop hotspot, and just started using freedompop sprint smartphone…what this news will impact me and many other freedompop customers…???? will us still able to use these devices../???

    1. TonyT

      Here is what should happen:
      Only MVNO services that relay on WiMax should be affected.
      So the FreedomPop Hub Burst will no longer work (since it’s 100% WiMax)
      FreedomPop LTE phones and MiFi’s will work without any changes, except if it can’t get LTE, it will fall back to 3G (EVDO) instead of WiMax-4G.
      FreedomPop WiMax stuff (phone, MiFI) with 3G backup will ONLY work with 3G.
      IIRC, FreedomPop has some plans that are WiMax only (Hub Burst, obviously, but also some MiFi plans).

      I’m currently enjoying the Hub Burst; when it goes away, I’ll look at LTE options (but currently they’re too expensive), use a Fusion DSL solution (most likely) or negotiate with AT&T, Comcast, et all to get a decent rate for Internet-only (NO phone service or Cable TV).