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10 responses to “Sprint April Lineup Revealed”

  1. Chris

    When is the Samsung M800 supposed to be coming out for Sprint? Does anyone know?

  2. John

    Where the darn Treo 800 already!??!?!!

  3. Manoj

    I want to see the 8330 Titanium come out already. What do you guys think? I was thinking of getting the 755p or the 8800 series, but couldn’t make the decision because of the lack of a camera and now that the Curve is coming out, it might just make sense. The touch screen isn’t that necessary really and I think that the Curve just seems like an overall do-all device. Anyone have input? I like full keyboard phones a lot better that’s why I haven’t gone with the pearl.

  4. Blackmage

    I know this is somewhat wishful thinking, does anyone know if this will have the PTT/Qchat capability??

  5. tritan

    will the curve have qchat like the ptt on att? I hope so all the other phones are dc or qchat.

  6. Evan

    I like the way sprint’s going with the phones. They usually get phones that other carriers have had for years.

  7. whitey

    no qchat on the curve.

  8. erik

    i heard the m800 was comingg outt soon ?
    someone told me march 30th ?

  9. VAsMost

    Can someone say “Glyde”. The touch screen/qwerty keyboard is what Sprint needs to offer in some fashion. The M800 is also nice, but it seems more like a rumor than reality. I’m really looking 4 something that can give me that *-phone appeal (hint: apple) and flavor. There are definitely some competitors out there, but Sprint has not offered one yet. I’m really holding off to see what is coming out this summer. Something that can compete with the likes of the *phone…Venus…Voyager- I hope!!

  10. blackerwater

    the instinct will be going on sale june 20th