5 responses to “Sprint Announces The Samsung Intrepid WinMo 6.5 Phone”

  1. Duker

    Sprint needs a good international solution that is not a Blackberry. this could be good!!!

  2. Don Louie

    They have HTC options too, will this be sold at Best Buy too?

  3. JJ

    I don’t like the preinstalled sim option. I would like to pop in my own sim card when I travel. Maybe there is a way to remove it. This phone looks promising. I hope sprint gets the imagio version of htc since I think that phone is a world phone. The imagio for verizon looks pretty good.

  4. Mike Zielonka

    @don Louie –

    The press release said it will be sold at ALL retail channels, so it should be availible at Best Buy.

    We will try and confirm that today for you.